Steph lives in Watford and works for Soul Survivor Watford Church. She is currently doing a Theology degree in London. Last year, she released her first single called ‘Love’s Song’.

What We Love About Jesus

What We Love About Jesus

1. 'I love how Jesus singles us out and know us intimately." - Andreana, England UK

2. "What comes to my mind first when I think about Jesus is His amazing love and the compassion he shows to people. The way he sees ones potential, how he looks at the heart and not the outside, the way He connects to you and me on the level we are at, in his understanding and caring way." - Anne, Germany

3. "My favourite thing about Jesus is that He loves me no matter what. He does not care what I have done in the past and all the silly mistakes I have made. He still loves me and was willing to take my place to save me." - Choire, England UK

4."I love Jesus because of the hope he brings to humanity. What greater gift is there to someone living in the midst of darkness." - Jen, Sydney Australia

5. "I, as a believer, have Jesus living in me. Through the name of Jesus I have been adopted into the family of God." - Shelley, South Africa

6. "I love how Jesus is shown in the story of the prodigal son* as the father, who comes running to ME." - Beth, England UK

7. "I love that Jesus comes running with me. He loves to join us in what we love doing. It is something Jesus has said to me this week when I was thinking about 2 friends who talk of dancing with Jesus and I couldn't see myself doing that. He said very clearly ' but I come running with you’." - Liz, England UK

8. "He knows everything about me even better than I know myself, the parts I call my strengths and even the parts I'm not proud of, and yet His love for me stays the same." - May, California USA

9. "The God we love, loved us before we were born, loves us knowing all the mistakes we will make in the future, and loved us no matter what we do. I thinks it’s so hard to think that someone can be pleased with you and love you for not doing anything, for just being you, but God does. We are God's daughters with whom he is pleased! You never have to feel like you need to earn His love, or tick off a checklist of things he wants you to do because he doesn’t require anything from you to love you." - Gemma, Belfast UK

10. Now it's your turn, what do you love about Jesus?

*Luke 15:11-32

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