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Ruth 1 - Faithful Friend

Ruth 1 - Faithful Friend

Ruth is a book in the Old Testament about a woman named Naomi who loses her husband and her two sons, leaving her with her two daughters in law to emigrate to a nearby city during the famine called Moab. One of these daughters in law was called Ruth, and she refused to leave Naomi on their journey even when Naomi had tried to send her and the other daughter in law Orpah away. It is a refreshing story in the midst of the chaos and fighting going on at the time of the story.

1. Read Ruth Chapter 1

2. Starting Activity

Do your best over dramatic impression of Ruth's monologue to Naomi in verses 16 and 17.

3. Answer these questions as a group or in your own independent study

In what ways do we see this kind of story in our daily lives?

What does Ruth show us about friendship?

How does God work through Ruth?

Would you have been Orpah or Ruth?

Imagine you were Naomi, how would Ruth's loyalty make you feel?

How do you think God felt when Ruth was faithful to Naomi?

4. Focusing in verses 16-18

How can this passage define us as Christians?

Have you ever been so determined about something that you have never given up?

Have you felt like this is a friendship?

How does Jesus show us this kind of friendship?

How can you be a friend like this?

5. Prayer

Lord, I pray that I would be a faithful friend, just like Ruth.

Help me to be the best friend I can be to the people around me so that I would show your love through the way I act.


6. Finishing Activity

Have you ever not been a very faithful friend? Write a letter to a person you may have hurt at your school or in your youth group saying that you're sorry.

"What's important is that we do not strive to have faithful friends but instead we strive to be one."

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