Steph lives in Watford and works for Soul Survivor Watford Church. She is currently doing a Theology degree in London. Last year, she released her first single called ‘Love’s Song’.

Make-Up 101

Make-Up 101

Firstly, we do we wear it?

Make-up can be worn both for positive purposes and negative ones. For a lot of us, make-up is coverage over our acne/spots/scars and so helps us to feel a bit more confident. For others of us, make-up is our profession and so we use it as a way of creating art. However more often than not we use make-up to make ourselves fit in, look and feel more beautiful/attractive, and sometimes even to make people like us.

And so, should we wear it?

Well, I’m not here to tell you right or wrong but what I can tell you is that if you’re wearing it to make people like you, then you need to know that you should always be surrounded by family and friends who love you just the same with or without makeup on. If you feel like you don’t have this, have you ever been around people to find out if they will treat you different? And if they do treat you different, they’re honestly not worth it!

Diana’s Story:
I used to wear buckets of make-up to school when I first started at secondary, I literally could wipe my sleeve across my face and it would be covered in foundation. I don’t really know why I wore so much, or how my parents didn’t throw make-up wipes at me before I left the house, but what I do know is I thought I wouldn’t be beautiful enough without it. But as I got older I began to see loads of girls just like me, look back on those years and think - why on earth did I wear so much?! I have only just begun to live in the freedom of knowing you, me, we, are SO BEAUTIFUL just the way God made us and we don’t need make-up to show that.

One of the most important things is to not follow the crowd, just because everyone else is wearing make-up doesn’t mean you have to. 

Finally, how do wear it?

Now this is no tutorial, I am absolutely rubbish at putting make-up on! I just want to finish by telling you that if you decide to wear make-up, here are a few tips on how best to do it (in my opinion):

  • Don’t wear too much that it doesn’t look natural (and if you’re wearing foundation make sure you’ve got the shade which matches your skin tone!) 

  • Don’t wear it to hide who you ‘really are’, you are stunning. 

  • Wear it with confidence, let people know you just bought some shiny new gold eyeshadow! 

  • Don’t wear it constantly, give your skin a break from all the products and make sure you take it off properly! 

I hope that you’ve found this useful and begin to discover what works for you. If I could give you anymore pieces of advice, especially to my younger self, it would be - black pencil eye liner on the bottom of your eye isn’t always the best make-up choice!

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